Safe night precinct support services

Safe night precinct support services (SNPSS) are a component of the Queensland Government Safe night precincts initiative.

SNPSS contribute to creating a safer night-time environment by identifying and assisting vulnerable people who are intoxicated in the safe night precincts.

SNPSS services include:

  • mobile patrol monitoring public spaces within the safe night precinct area to identify and assist people who may be in distress and/or at risk of harm due to intoxication and/or violence
  • rest and recovery spaces providing a safe place for intoxicated people and those affected by alcohol-related violence, to receive support, supervision, first aid and to reduce the risk of harm to themselves or others.

SNPSS operate during the peak late-night entertainment hours on Friday and Saturday nights, (10pm–4am Friday/Saturday and Saturday/Sunday). The exact operating hours for each location differ according to local characteristics.

View the list of funded service providers across Queensland.

Initiative guideline: service and reporting specification

The Safe night precinct support services initiative guideline (PDF, 430KB) gives information about:

  • the initiative's intent
  • requirements for services
  • funding
  • reporting.