Queensland Community Support Scheme – resources for service providers

The Queensland Community Support Scheme (QCSS) provides support services that maintain and promote independence and quality of life, including:

  • domestic activities like meal preparation, cleaning and household chores
  • personal care, such as showering and dressing
  • support for people to access their community, including shopping or going to the bank or the doctor
  • basic home maintenance like mowing, cleaning windows or helping with gardening.

To be eligible for QCSS, a person must be under 65 years old (or under 50 years old for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people), and have either:

  • a disability (and are not eligible for the National Disability Insurance Scheme)
  • chronic illness, mental health or other condition
  • other circumstances that impact their ability to live independently in the community.

People requiring time-limited support due to an acute illness, including nursing, convalescent care, post-acute care and support, and rehabilitation support, are not eligible. They can contact 13HEALTH, their regular GP, or their local Hospital and Health Service for support services.

The QCSS practice manual (PDF, 1.6MB) has further information about eligibility criteria.

Key QCSS documents

QCSS practice manual

The QCSS practice manual gives information about:

  • planning and delivering support – including the target group, eligibility and support types
  • administering supports – including reporting and accountability
  • service outlet and government responsibilities.

Read the QCSS practice manual (PDF, 1.6MB).

QCSS Outcome measurement system (OMS) technical specification

The QCSS-OMS technical specification provides:

  • detailed definitions, formats and code values for each of the data elements that need to be reported in the QCSS-OMS
  • definitions of data elements and concepts that aren't reported in the QCSS-OMS but enable the derivation of reportable data elements and therefore require a clear definition.

Read the QCSS Outcome measurement system (OMS) technical specification (PDF, 1.8MB).

Data submission guide

The QCSS-OMS Data submission guide (PDF, 747KB) provides instruction on how to upload QCSS-OMS reports via the QCSS-OMS portal.

Note: The QCSS-OMS data submission process has changed effective 4 January 2021.

Ongoing needs identification (ONI) tools

The following ONI tools are used to consistently assess the level and complexity of a person's support needs to determine the appropriateness of QCSS supports.

Quality assurance and reporting

Key information and resources about your obligations:

Promotional resources

The following printable promotional resources provide information about the scheme for service users:


General enquiries: 13 QGOV (13 74 68)