Queensland Community Support Scheme – resources for service providers

The Queensland Community Support Scheme (QCSS) provides support services that maintain and promote independence and quality of life, including:

  • domestic activities like meal preparation, cleaning and household chores
  • personal care, such as showering and dressing
  • support for people to access their community, including shopping or going to the bank or the doctor
  • basic home maintenance like mowing, cleaning windows or helping with gardening.

Key QCSS documents

QCSS practice manual

The QCSS practice manual gives information about:

  • planning and delivering support – including the target group, eligibility and support types
  • administering supports – including reporting and accountability
  • service outlet and government responsibilities.

Read the QCSS practice manual (PDF, 1.6MB).

QCSS Outcome measurement system (OMS) technical specification

The QCSS-OMS technical specification provides:

  • detailed definitions, formats and code values for each of the data elements that need to be reported in the QCSS-OMS
  • definitions of data elements and concepts that aren't reported in the QCSS-OMS but enable the derivation of reportable data elements and therefore require a clear definition.

Read the QCSS Outcome measurement system (OMS) technical specification (PDF, 1.8MB).

Data submission guide

The QCSS-OMS Data submission guide (PDF, 747KB) provides instruction on how to upload QCSS-OMS reports via the QCSS-OMS portal.

Note: The QCSS-OMS data submission process has changed effective 4 January 2021.

Ongoing needs identification (ONI) tools

The following ONI tools are used to consistently assess the level and complexity of a person's support needs to determine the appropriateness of QCSS supports.

Quality assurance and reporting

Key information and resources about your obligations:

Promotional resources

The following printable promotional resources provide information about the scheme for service users: