Liquor accords

Liquor accords are voluntary agreements between members of a local area who cooperate to develop safe and well-managed environments in and around licensed premises. Liquor licensees, Queensland Police, local councils, community groups and other stakeholders can all work together to develop a liquor accord.

The purpose of an accord is to collectively address issues facing the industry and the community. Accord members make decisions as a collective group in cooperation with the other stakeholders in their local area. Strategies to address these local issues are developed to create positive changes, and this benefits each individual member's business.

Problems with anti-social behaviour, misuse of alcohol, crime and alcohol-related violence and safety concerns are often the key reasons for starting an accord. Concerns from residential neighbours regarding trading hours or excessive noise from licensed premises are also cause for a liquor accord.

This guide will help you understand what a liquor accord is and how it can benefit your local community and/or your business. You can review existing accord strategies and find out how to start your own liquor accord with the support of the local community, the Queensland Government and other industry members.


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