Liquor accords

Join a liquor accord

Help minimise alcohol and gambling-related harm, receive updates, discuss important issues, and connect with other licensees and government agencies.

Use the interactive map to find information about liquor accords near you.

Licensees must minimise harm (and the potential for harm) from alcohol abuse and misuse and associated violence under the Liquor Act 1992. One of the ways licensees can help minimise harm is by joining and actively participating in a liquor accord.

The purpose of a liquor accord is to promote responsible practices in the sale and supply of alcohol and collectively develop strategies to address issues facing the liquor industry and local community. Strategies aim to promote positive changes, which benefit each individual member's business and the community.

Key reasons for starting a liquor accord in your community may include:

  • antisocial behaviour
  • misuse of alcohol
  • alcohol-related violence and crime.

Liquor accords can also play an important role in promoting safe gambling and reducing gambling-related harm.

This guide will help you understand liquor accords and learn how becoming a member can benefit your business and the local community.