Security for QCOM 3 LAN

QCOM 3 local area network (LAN) infrastructure (e.g. cabling, switches, etc) is not regulated gaming equipment. The Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) may declare specific QCOM LAN equipment as regulated gaming equipment if we view it as being significant to the security, integrity or availability of gaming.

The physical QCOM 3 LAN equipment must be located in an area that's off-limits to the general public. Accessing a LAN that's actively connected to gaming machines in a criminal or malicious way, or with intent, could be seen as unlawful interference with gaming equipment under the Gaming Machine Act 1991.

Queensland licensed monitoring operators (LMOs) may offer extra services, such as QCOM 3 LAN quality of service and intrusion monitoring. However, these services must not restrict OLGR's or the gaming licensee's access to the LAN in any way.

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