QCOM 3 for electronic gaming machines

In Queensland, all electronic gaming machines (EGMs) in clubs and hotels must be connected to an electronic monitoring system (EMS) using the QCOM protocol. This protocol is the language that EGMs use to speak to one another.

Over 43,000 EGMs in Queensland currently run the QCOM protocol and gaming providers in the Northern Territory, Tasmania, Victoria and New Zealand have also adopted it.

QCOM 3 is an upgrade of the current protocol, QCOM v1.6, and is designed to take advantage of the latest technology and security standards.

QCOM 3 protocol is now available to Licenced Monitoring Operators (LMOs), manufacturers and other game developers. The upgrade will future-proof the service of high-quality gaming environments.

In this guide you will learn about:

  • the benefits of QCOM 3
  • preparing to upgrade to QCOM 3 at your venue
  • QCOM 3 hardware requirements
  • network upgrade costs
  • security for QCOM 3 LAN
  • availability of QCOM 3 games for Queensland market
  • registering for QCOM 3 updates.


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