Approvals for non-QCOM EGM products

The Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) approves Australian/New Zealand Gaming Machine National Standards (GMNS) compliant electronic gaming machine (EGM) products submitted by a supplier licence (major dealer) holder in Queensland for the casino environment.

These products (software, hardware and associated equipment) must have the ability to be effectively centrally monitored, using a non-QCOM communication protocol through a casino monitoring system.

Approval submission requirements

This is a streamlined approval process. You are required to submit the following:

  • a licensed testing facility operator (LTFO) recommendation for approval of the product made to another Australian jurisdiction
  • an approval letter from another jurisdiction, if available
  • an application or submission letter from the gaming machine manufacturer confirming
    • the product complies with the GMNS
    • games don't have a component of physical skill
    • there are no bingo games or variations and derivatives of bingo games
    • gamble features are not offered on progressive prizes
  • a signed and completed EGM certification and indemnity form.

Non-QCOM fully automated table games

A non-QCOM fully automated table game (FATG) that is approved, or recommended by an LTFO for approval, in other Australian jurisdictions will be considered for use in the Queensland casino market under a similar framework as described above.

The submission process to OLGR for a FATG should be made via an arrangement with a casino operator. It should be evident that the casino operator has been consulted and supports your submission (as FATGs need to adhere to a casino game rule).

Therefore, you are also required to establish that the non-QCOM FATG product conforms to the Casino Gaming Rule by supplying an LTFO report.

In addition to the above submission requirements, you must also submit a signed and completed Non-EGM certification and indemnity form.

Any non-conformances identified during this process need to be resolved prior to approval. This may occur either through an application to OLGR by the casino operator for a rule change (if supported) or a modification of the game software. OLGR will then determine the FATG product’s suitability for use in the casino market.

Non-QCOM, non-GMNS products

The applications for approval of non-QCOM games (that do not meet the A/NZ GMNS, but are operating in other states) in Queensland casinos can be considered by OLGR on a case-by-case basis. In addition to the submission materials required for non-QCOM EGM products, you are required to submit an LTFO review of the game against the prevailing GMNS that highlights non-conformances and the associated risks.

As part of OLGR’s consideration, we may request additional information in relation to game behaviours, maths, etc. This can be a lengthy process.

It should be noted that non-GMNS products can be unique and exhibit significantly distinct behaviours. As a result, these products will only be considered for approval if they are not producing harmful game behaviours in the marketplace, and the recognised GMNS non-conformances and their associated risks are considered suitable on balance.

The approval of all products will be subject to ongoing satisfactory performance.

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