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Availability of QCOM 3 games in Queensland

The introduction of QCOM 3 is not expected to affect the availability of games for the Queensland market as manufacturers make them 'QCOM 3 ready'.

Gaming machine manufacturers have a continuous game development cycle. Once a manufacturer has developed a QCOM 3 enabled gaming machine, the switch from making old QCOM enabled games to making QCOM 3 enabled games is relatively simple. Therefore, the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation does not foresee an interruption to the supply of new games to the Queensland market after QCOM 3 is introduced.

It is not optional for licensed monitoring operators (LMOs) to take up QCOM 3. It is a condition of their licence to support the latest QCOM protocol. Once LMOs support QCOM 3 gaming machines, then manufacturers are likely to be keen to develop QCOM 3 machines to remain competitive in the market.

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