Obligations of licence holders

Licence holders must store their explosives in accordance with:

or either

  • an alternative safety measure for the 3 types of explosives above
  • a safety measure approved by the Chief Inspector for explosives other than those mentioned above.

Licence holders must:

If you hold a licence or permit to store explosives, you must keep the licence or permit, or a copy of the licence or permit, at the storage facility.

Explosives may only be provided to a person who is authorised to possess the explosive.

You must also:

  • conduct inspections at least every 3 months and keep records of these inspections
  • keep a record of explosives received at, or supplied to a person from, a storage facility for your authority. Records must include the type and amount of explosive received or supplied, and the day and time they were received or supplied
  • record the name of the person who was supplied with the explosives and details of their licence or permit allowing them to possess the explosives
  • record the amount of explosives stored in the facility immediately after the receipt or supply
  • conduct stocktakes to determine the amount of explosives stored in a facility and identify any discrepancies. If you identify any discrepancies, you must properly investigate it and then give the Chief Inspector a written report stating the discrepancy, the findings of the investigation and the measures you've taken to stop it reoccurring
  • give the Chief Inspector notice of any material change to a storage facility or the facility's surrounding area if you know that the change increases the risk associated with the facility.

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