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Obligations of security clearance holders

You have a number of notification obligations when you hold a security clearance.

Notification of changes to your criminal or domestic violence history

You are required to tell us about any changes to your criminal history or domestic violence status.

This includes if you:

  • are convicted or charged with a relevant offence
  • are named as a respondent in a domestic violence order or police protection notice
  • have domestic violence related release conditions imposed.

If you don't, you could be fined up to 200 penalty units, or more than $26,000 (at 1 January 2020).

The Queensland Police Service is also required to notify us if they become aware of any changes to your criminal or domestic violence history during the term of your security clearance.

Notification of changes to your details and circumstances

You are required to notify the Explosives Inspectorate if:

  • your name or address changes
  • you become aware of another change in circumstances that affects your suitability to continue to hold a security clearance (e.g. a change in your mental health).

Reporting loss, destruction, theft of a security clearance

You must notify the Explosives Inspectorate if your security clearance has been lost, destroyed or stolen. You must do this in writing within 7 days or you could be fined up to 50 penalty units.

Surrendering your security clearance

You can surrender your security clearance at any time during the term. To surrender your security clearance, complete form E117 - Voluntary surrender of authority or security clearance (PDF, 169KB).

Note that we are unable to refund any portion of the fee if you surrender your clearance before it expires.