Public notices of applications for water allocation dealings

A public notice may be required for an application to change a water allocation. This provides an opportunity for interested parties to make a submission about an application.

Current public notices are shown below.

How to make a submission on a public notice

Your submission on a water allocation application must:

  • be made in writing and signed by each person making the submission
  • have the name and address of each person making the submission
  • state the grounds of the submission and the supporting facts and circumstances
  • include the application reference number
  • be received by the chief executive of the Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water on or before the closing date stated in the notice (minimum 30 business days).

The names and addresses of those who've made submissions will be included in the information notice given to the applicant and all submitters when they are advised of the outcome of the application.

The notice includes the decision and its reasons, as well as information about rights to an internal review and the appeal process.

Submissions are subject to the Right to Information Act 2009 and Information Privacy Act 2009, and may be made available to anyone who makes an information access request under these Acts.

Current public notices

The notice will generally include links to the application and any supporting materials. If not, contact your local business centre to inspect these documents.

Application reference and notice Applicant name Closing day for submissions Local government area Water plan
630114: Ironpot Co Pty Ltd (PDF, 16.7KB) Ironpot Co Pty Ltd 12 December 2023 Maranoa Regional Council Water Plan (Condamine and Balonne) 2019
630699: SunWater - Mareeba Dimbulah WSS (PDF, 35.9KB) SunWater Limited 23 January 2024 Mareeba Shire Council Water Plan (Barron) 2023