Water allocations register

This is an accurate and secure register that records water allocation ownership and other attributes of water allocations.

It is similar to how the Land Registry records details of land ownership and dealings. Other interests and encumbrances, such as financial securities or caveats and priority notices, may also be recorded against the water allocation on the register.

The Registrar of Land Titles is also the Registrar of Water Allocations.

To have effect, all permanent water allocation dealings must be lodged and registered on the Water Allocation Register. This process is similar to and uses the same forms as land transfers.

Forms and fees

The lodgement forms and fee structures are similar to those used for land dealings.

Property transactions relating to water allocations are recorded by registering properly completed land registry forms.

Lodged forms must be accurate, legally correct, and submitted in the correct sequence for the transaction before they can be registered.

You can access the forms from Titles Queensland.

You should download the following forms to lodge your registration:

  • Transfer form 1
  • General request form 14
  • Property transfer information form 24.

Searching the register

You can search the Water Allocations Register for a copy of a water allocation title at a Land Information and Titles Office and by paying the required fee.

Searches of titles and copies of dealings are also available from approved public access providers.

To conduct a search, you need to know the lot number, crown plan and title reference of the water allocation.

Information on a water allocation title

A water allocation title records:

  • the names of the holder(s) and tenancy arrangements
  • a description of the registered, resource-related attributes
  • identifiers such as lot, crown plan and title reference
  • registered and unregistered dealings
  • encumbrances and interests (e.g. mortgages)
  • administrative advices (e.g. priority notices).

Like land, a water allocation may be described by referring to:

  • the lot on plan number, which is used as the water allocation number (e.g. Lot 777)
  • the administrative or Crown Plan (AP) number assigned to each water plan (e.g. AP6688)
  • its unique title reference (e.g. 46008989).

You must use these descriptors in any water allocation dealings, including applying for a subdivision or lodging transfer documents.

Water plan Crown Plan no.
Barron AP8354
Border Rivers AP7583
Boyne AP7197
Burdekin Basin AP14988
Burnett AP6975
Cape York AP23199
Condamine - Balonne AP7585
Fitzroy AP6829
Gold Coast AP14181
Gulf AP19405
Logan Basin AP14819
Mary Basin AP14179
Moonie AP13210
Moreton AP14178
Pioneer AP7900
Warrego–Paroo–Bulloo–Nebine AP13211
Wet Tropics AP19636
Whitsunday AP20980

Resource-related attributes of a water allocation

As well as specifying the holder(s) and tenancy arrangements, the Water Allocations Register also records the following attributes of a water allocation:

  • the location (supplemented or unsupplemented)
  • the purpose (supplemented or unsupplemented)
  • the conditions required by the department (supplemented or unsupplemented)
  • the nominal volume (supplemented or unsupplemented)
  • the priority group (supplemented only)
  • the extraction rate (unsupplemented only)
  • the flow conditions (unsupplemented only)
  • the volumetric limit (unsupplemented only)
  • the water allocation group (unsupplemented only).