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The value of water allocations is determined by the market, and the prices paid are publicly available.

Read about Queensland valuations and sales.

Permanent water trading data

The reports below indicate market activity and present weighted average price information relating to water allocation transfers undertaken during the reporting period. Business rules have been developed to help ensure the consistency of the data and describe for the user how the data is presented and how totals have been calculated.

While every attempt has been made to ensure that this information is accurate, these prices are indicative only, as the integrity of this data depends on the quality of information provided to the Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water. In particular, the department is not privy to individual business arrangements which may have been confidentially entered into by the parties to these transactions.

Before basing any decisions on this information, you should consider (with or without professional advice) whether it is sufficient for your needs, objectives and circumstances.

Monthly reports

Supplemented surface water allocations

March 2024 (PDF, 345.0KB)

February 2024 (PDF, 331.4KB)

January 2024 (PDF, 309.9KB)

December 2023 (PDF, 324.5KB)

November 2023 (PDF, 195.9KB)

October 2023 (PDF, 188.4KB)

September 2023 (PDF, 194.3KB)

August 2023 (PDF, 189.1KB)

July 2023 (PDF, 191.8KB)

June 2023 (PDF, 192.5KB)

May 2023 (PDF, 195.4KB)

April 2023 (PDF, 305.0KB)

March 2023 (PDF, 195.7KB)

February 2023 (PDF, 195.8KB)

January 2023 (PDF, 189.3KB)

December 2022 (PDF, 192.5KB)

November 2022 (PDF, 191.7KB)

October 2022 (PDF, 193.9KB)

September 2022 (PDF, 194.8KB)

August 2022 (PDF, 295.3KB)

July 2022 (PDF, 192.7KB)

June 2022 (PDF, 191.4KB)

May 2022 (PDF, 190.7KB)

April 2022 (PDF, 293.0KB)

March 2022 (PDF, 195.0KB)

February 2022 (PDF, 195.1KB)

January 2022  (PDF, 189.0KB)

December 2021 (PDF, 171.1KB)

November 2021 (PDF, 175.2KB)

October 2021 (PDF, 175.3KB)

September 2021 (PDF, 193.7KB)

August 2021 (PDF, 175.7KB)

July 2021 (PDF, 191.1KB)

June 2021 (PDF, 312.9KB)

May 2021 (PDF, 275.5KB)

April 2021 (PDF, 285.6KB)

March 2021 (PDF, 294.5KB)

February 2021 (PDF, 288.7KB)

January 2021 (PDF, 299.0KB)

December 2020 (PDF, 287.3KB)

November 2020 (PDF, 304.9KB)

October 2020 (PDF, 179.3KB)

September 2020 (PDF, 180.6KB)

August 2020 (PDF, 278.1KB)

July 2020 (PDF, 280.3KB)

Supplemented underground water allocations

March 2024 (PDF, 208.1KB)

February 2024 (PDF, 208.1KB)

January 2024 (PDF, 200.4KB)

December 2023 (PDF, 216.2KB)

November 2023 (PDF, 174.1KB)

October 2023 (PDF, 177.0KB)

September 2023 (PDF, 176.8KB)

August 2023 (PDF, 174.7KB)

July 2023 (PDF, 168.8KB)

June 2023 (PDF, 176.0KB)

May 2023 (PDF, 175.6KB)

April 2023 (PDF, 202.2KB)

March 2023 (PDF, 176.8KB)

February 2023 (PDF, 175.6KB)

January 2023 (PDF, 174.1KB)

December 2022 (PDF, 174.1KB)

November 2022 (PDF, 173.1KB)

October 2022 (PDF, 176.0KB)

September 2022 (PDF, 172.5KB)

August 2022 (PDF, 221.0KB)

July 2022 (PDF, 168.6KB)

June 2022 (PDF, 175.4KB)

May 2022 (PDF, 175.4KB)

April 2022 (PDF, 209.8KB)

March 2022 (PDF, 176.6KB)

February 2022 (PDF, 173.9KB)

January 2022  (PDF, 176.0KB)

December 2021 (PDF, 163.4KB)

November 2021 (PDF, 165.4KB)

October 2021 (PDF, 174.7KB)

September 2021 (PDF, 175.5KB)

August 2021 (PDF, 164.4KB)

July 2021 (PDF, 173.8KB)

June 2021 (PDF, 212.5KB)

May 2021 (PDF, 207.0KB)

April 2021 (PDF, 192.1KB)

March 2021 (PDF, 192.1KB)

February 2021 (PDF, 192.1KB)

January 2021 (PDF, 192.2KB)

December 2020 (PDF, 191.9KB)

November 2020 (PDF, 199.8KB)

October 2020 (PDF, 169.0KB)

September 2020 (PDF, 168.9KB)

August 2020 (PDF, 199.8KB)

July 2020 (PDF, 204.4KB)

Unsupplemented surface water allocations

March 2024 (PDF, 292.2KB)

February 2024 (PDF, 265.8KB)

January 2024 (PDF, 287.6KB)

December 2023 (PDF, 289.5KB)

November 2023 (PDF, 184.6KB)

October 2023 (PDF, 184.3KB)

September 2023 (PDF, 186.9KB)

August 2023 (PDF, 185.7KB)

July 2023 (PDF, 183.1KB)

June 2023 (PDF, 185.9KB)

May 2023 (PDF, 184.8KB)

April 2023 (PDF, 245.7KB)

March 2023  (PDF, 184.2KB)

February 2023 (PDF, 185.2KB)

January 2023 (PDF, 183.8KB)

December 2022 (PDF, 186.2KB)

November 2022 (PDF, 184.1KB)

October 2022 (PDF, 183.2KB)

September 2022 (PDF, 181.0KB)

August 2022 (PDF, 265.9KB)

July 2022 (PDF, 182.2KB)

June 2022 (PDF, 184.3KB)

May 2022 (PDF, 185.9KB)

April 2022 (PDF, 282.5KB)

March 2022 (PDF, 188.2KB)

February 2022 (PDF, 189.5KB)

January 2022  (PDF, 184.9KB)

December 2021 (PDF, 169.1KB)

November 2021 (PDF, 170.8KB)

October 2021 (PDF, 170.4KB)

September 2021 (PDF, 184.1KB)

August 2021 (PDF, 168.8KB)

July 2021 (PDF, 183.4KB)

June 2021 (PDF, 280.5KB)

May 2021 (PDF, 256.5KB)

April 2021 (PDF, 275.0KB)

March 2021 (PDF, 250.7KB)

February 2021 (PDF, 266.4KB)

January 2021 (PDF, 255.9KB)

December 2020 (PDF, 170.8KB)

November 2020 (PDF, 260.8KB)

October 2020 (PDF, 175.0KB)

September 2020 (PDF, 175.2KB)

August 2020 (PDF, 221.0KB)

July 2020 (PDF, 258.6KB)

Unsupplemented underground water allocations

March 2024 (PDF, 231.1KB)

February 2024 (PDF, 232.1KB)

January 2024 (PDF, 235.5KB)

December 2023 (PDF, 248.6KB)

November 2023 (PDF, 182.3KB)

October 2023 (PDF, 181.1KB)

September 2023 (PDF, 180.1KB)

August 2023 (PDF, 181.5KB)

July 2023 (PDF, 179.9KB)

June 2023 (PDF, 177.8KB)

May 2023 (PDF, 177.4KB)

April 2023 (PDF, 223.0KB)

March 2023  (PDF, 180.7KB)

February 2023 (PDF, 181.0KB)

January 2023 (PDF, 180.6KB)

December 2022 (PDF, 178.8KB)

November 2022 (PDF, 179.3KB)

October 2022 (PDF, 179.3KB)

September 2022 (PDF, 178.4KB)

August 2022 (PDF, 232.4KB)

July 2022 (PDF, 178.7KB)

June 2022 (PDF, 179.9KB)

May 2022 (PDF, 182.2KB)

April 2022 (PDF, 248.5KB)

March 2022 (PDF, 178.9KB)

February 2022 (PDF, 180.6KB)

January 2022  (PDF, 180.6KB)

December 2021 (PDF, 167.2KB)

November 2021 (PDF, 168.0KB)

October 2021 (PDF, 168.9KB)

September 2021 (PDF, 180.4KB)

August 2021 (PDF, 167.7KB)

July 2021 (PDF, 173.8KB)

June 2021 (PDF, 249.6KB)

May 2021 (PDF, 234.1KB)

April 2021 (PDF, 224.7KB)

March 2021 (PDF, 224.7KB)

February 2021 (PDF, 234.5KB)

January 2021 (PDF, 219.3KB)

December 2020 (PDF, 224.8KB)

November 2020 (PDF, 228.1KB)

October 2020 (PDF, 171.9KB)

September 2020 (PDF, 171.5KB)

August 2020 (PDF, 240.4KB)

July 2020 (PDF, 219.5KB)

Annual reports

Supplemented surface water allocations

Unsupplemented surface water allocations

Supplemented underground water allocations

Unsupplemented underground water allocations

Relocatable licence data

The following is a snapshot of the market activity relating to the relocation of water licences.

Water licence relocation reports

Great Artesian Basin

Central Condamine Alluvium

Dalrymple Creek Alluvium Groundwater Management Area

Oakey Creek Groundwater Management Area

Business rules have been developed to help ensure the consistency of the data presented in the water licence relocation reports.

Note about water licence conversions

In July 2019, water licences in the Oakey Creek Groundwater Management Area and the Dalrymple Creek Alluvium Groundwater Management Area, were converted to water allocations.

Information on trades in these 2 areas can be found in the above section: Permanent water trading data – Unsupplemented underground water allocations.

Note about prices

Any prices published are indicative only and have been based on information provided to the department. The department is not privy to individual business arrangements which may have been confidentially entered into by the parties to these transactions.

Before basing any decisions on this information, you should consider (with or without the assistance of an adviser) whether it is sufficient for your needs, objectives and circumstances. The data in the 2006–07 year was collected from 1 February 2007 when the Great Artesian Basin resource operations plan commenced, giving effect to the relocation of water licences.

Processing times for permanent and temporary trades

Find out about water trading service standards and water trade processing times measured against the Council of Australian Governments' (COAG) service standards.

Water sales data

Licensed bulk water sales data can be purchased through data wholesalers or directly from the department.

Queensland Valuations and Sales (QVAS)

For a fee, specific data may be obtained on water allocation sales (known as a sales data listing, or an abbreviated sales data listing) over the counter via the QVAS system from our service centres throughout Queensland.

This data, which comes from historical sales records, contains details such as:

  • lot on plan
  • date of sale
  • sale price
  • resource-related attributes of an allocation (e.g. location)
  • other related sales information.

Water brokerage services

Water brokers can bring buyers and sellers of water products together with real estate agents, stock and station agents, managers of water supply schemes and individuals.

Water brokers are subject to Australian Consumer Law under the Queensland Fair Trading Act 1989 and the Commonwealth Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (previously the Trade Practices Act 1974) concerning commercial transactions.

Fair trading rights and obligations

All water market participants are subject to the Fair Trading Act 1989 and the Competition and Consumer Act 2010. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has a series of brochures outlining the responsibilities and rights of water brokers and their clients.

For further information, visit the ACCC website or phone ACCC on 1300 302 502.