Current location of water allocations in the Pioneer Groundwater Management Area

Nominal Volumes as at COB 20 Jan 2020


A change to the location of a water allocation is possible from any zone (including zones 11A, 11B, 12A, 12B, 13A, 13B, 15A, 15B, 15BA, 15C, 15D and 16) into only those zones listed in the below table. If the change can be made within the allowable nominal volumes listed below and constraints set by the trading rules, then the change will generally be approved.

If an application to change the location of a water allocation would cause the allowable nominal volume to be exceeded, then individual assessments and public advertisements may be required.

Sub-areaAllowable Nominal Volume*Projected*Trade IndexZoneAllowable Nominal Volume*Projected*
410,0229,542.401.30Pioneer River - Zone 4A3,3993,089.80
Pioneer River - Zone 4B2,9402,625.10
Pioneer River - Zone 4C902819.00
Pioneer River - Zone 4D881799.00
Pioneer River - Zone 4E867785.00
Pioneer River - Zone 4F846734.50
Pioneer River - Zone 4G725690.00
51,046930.001.25Septimus - Zone 51,046930.00
61,023975.401.49McGregor Creek - Zone 61,023975.40
79,0459,083.001.22Eton Kinchant - Zone 7A1,2251,113.00
Eton Kinchant - Zone 7B1,4201,290.00
Eton Kinchant - Zone 7C3,7433,394.00
Eton Kinchant - Zone 7D3,5633,286.00
83,7303,529.501.35Mt Vince - Zone 8A1,081985.00
Mt Vince - Zone 8B2,0221,814.00
Mt Vince - Zone 8C806730.50
9787656.001.16South Sandy Creek - Zone 9787656.00
103,4253,426.801.61Sandy Creek - Zone 10A3,0173,016.80
Sandy Creek - Zone 10B452410.00
141,7571,679.401.43Oakenden - Zone 14A391391.00
Oakenden - Zone 14B1,4051,288.40
* Volume in Megalitres

Projected volume represents the forecasted "current volume" assuming all outstanding dealing certificates or matters under review are registered on the water allocations register.


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