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Current location of water allocations in the Lower Lockyer Water Supply Scheme

A change to the location of a water allocation is possible between zones.

If the change can be made within the maximum and minimum constraints set by the trading rules then the change will generally be approved.

MEDIUM priority water allocations (ML)
Location Minimum Volume (ML) Current Volume (ML) Maximum Volume (ML) Projected Volume (ML) *
Lower Lockyer Zone A 2,652 3,313 3,313 3,313
Lower Lockyer Zone B 536 738 886 738
Lower Lockyer Zone C 2,185 2,337 2,793 2,337
Lower Lockyer Zone D 3,352 3,345 3,792 3,345
Lower Lockyer Zone E 2,421 2,887 3,175 2,887

All values in Megalitres

* This represents the forecasted “current volume” assuming all outstanding dealing certificates or matters under review are registered on the water allocations register.

A combined maximum or minimum volume for two or more zones means the total current volume for all those zones, when added together, must not breach that maximum or minimum figure. For example, if two zones have a combined maximum volume of 1,000ML then the current volume of both zones must always be at or below 1,000ML.

Some zones will also have individually specified maximum or minimum volumes as well as a combined maximum or minimum volume. For example, if Zone 1 and Zone 2 specify a maximum volume of 800ML and 950ML respectively, then the current volume for each zone must not exceed the volume specified for the zone value. If both these zones also have a combined maximum volume of 1,500ML then the current volume of both zones combined must not exceed 1,500ML.


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