Geothermal lease

Geothermal leases are long-term authorities to allow the commercial development of the resource.

Permitted activities

A geothermal lease allows you to carry out a range of activities related to exploration, testing and production of geothermal energy.

Environmental authorities

Before we grant a resource authority you will require the appropriate environmental authority.

Native title

Any native title requirements will need to be addressed before we grant an authority.

Main features of a geothermal lease

Prerequisite authorityExploration permit for geothermal energy (not required for tenders)
Duration30 years
Size25 blocks
Rent{{ pass_35423 }} per km2
Application feeDirect application: {{ pass_35568 }}

How to apply

Complete an application form and lodge it through MyMinesOnline or a mines lodgement office. You can also apply through a call for tenders.

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