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Potential geothermal commercial area

If you discover commercial quantities of geothermal resources, you can apply to have an area of your exploration permit declared as a potential geothermal commercial area (PGA). This will allow you to evaluate the potential production and market opportunities for the resource.

When an area is declared as a potential commercial area, it remains part of the exploration permit.

The land must be brought into production through an application for a production lease within 5 years of the declaration or before the exploration permit expires. If you do not make an application for a lease within the accepted time frame, the potential commercial area lapses and the land ceases to be part of the exploration permit.

Main features of PGAs

Prerequisite authorityExploration permit for geothermal energy
DurationMaximum of 5 years
SizeNo restrictions
Application fee{{ pass_35567 }}

How to apply

Complete an application form and lodge it through MyMinesOnline or a mines lodgement office.

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