Greenhouse gas injection and storage lease

Greenhouse gas (GHG) injection and storage leases (QLs) are long-term authorities to allow you to commercially develop a storage site.

A QL cannot be granted within the area of the Great Artesian Basin in Queensland, that is the area on or below the surface of the plan area under the Water Plan (Great Artesian Basin and Other Regional Aquifers) 2017 (PDF, 1.2MB).

Permitted activities

A QL allows you to:

  • explore for GHG storage areas
  • evaluate the feasibility of GHG stream storage, including GHG storage injection testing
  • compress or otherwise process a GHG stream for GHG stream storage
  • store a GHG stream
  • monitor and verify the behaviour of the GHG streams.

Environmental authorities

Before we grant a resource authority you will require the appropriate environmental authority.

Native title

Any native title requirements will need to be addressed before we grant an authority.

Main features of QLs

Prerequisite authorityExploration permit for greenhouse gas (not required for tenders)
DurationNo maximum
SizeNo restrictions
AreaMust not be within in the Great Artesian Basin in Queensland
Rent{{ pass_35445 }} per km2
Application feeDirect application: {{ pass_35429 }}

How to apply

Complete an application form and lodge it through MyMinesOnline or a mines lodgement office. You can also apply through a call for tenders.

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