Notification process for mining claims and leases

You will be notified whenever a miner applies for a new mining claim, mining lease or access over your land. You will also be notified when they apply to renew an existing claim or lease.

The application process gives you the opportunity to object to the application and to seek compensation and appropriate access conditions for the use of your land.

Notification of a new application

After the Department of Resources gives the miner their mining claim notice or mining lease notice, they must notify you about the application and provide a copy of the:

These documents contain important information about:

  • rights to object to the grant of a mining claim or mining lease
  • the activities the miner wants to do.

The information in these documents will also be relevant when you start negotiating compensation.

Notification at the renewal stage

The miner must notify you within 5 business days of applying to renew their mining claim or mining lease.

They must provide you with a copy of the:

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