Accessing private land for resource activities

Before entering private land to carry out authorised activities, resource companies must comply with land access laws and follow set procedures to gain access.

The requirements vary depending on whether the activities being carried out are preliminary activities that have no impact or only a minor impact on the land, or more advanced activities. They can also vary depending on whether the landholder is the owner or occupier of the land.

There are also special requirements that restrict access around certain buildings, structures and areas.

Land access requirements are set out in the:

This guide explains Queensland's private land access requirements and who they apply to.

If you aren't sure about your legal obligations and responsibilities, you should seek independent legal advice.

The requirements in this guide do not apply to mining claims and mining leases, which have compensation for landowners negotiated as part of the application process.

Only some of the requirements apply to prospecting permits, as specific land access provisions, including provisions related to entry notices and landholder consent, apply to this resource authority type.


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