Coal seam gas management

Information on petroleum and gas tenures in Queensland. Find out about coal seam gas (CSG) activities on your land and how to negotiate with CSG companies.


Petroleum and gas authorities for coal seam gas projects

CSG companies in Queensland need a petroleum resource authority before they can start mining. Learn about different authorities and your rights as a landholder.

CSG safety information for landholders

Health and safety measures coal seam gas (CSG) operators must implement while working on your land. These include safety measures around fraccing and flaring.

Public liability for petroleum, gas and CSG infrastructure

Read about public liability as it applies to legacy petroleum and gas (including coal seam gas) infrastructure.

CSG environment and water information for landholders

Environmental laws and policies governing coal seam gas (CSG) operations in Queensland. Download a list of fact sheets about CSG activities and the environment.

Groundwater monitoring for resource impacts

Find out how to access groundwater monitoring data and participate in bore monitoring.

Land Access Ombudsman

The goal of the Land Access Ombudsman is to resolve disputes quickly and efficiently, in a simple and informal way.

GasFields Commission Queensland

Managing and improving the sustainable coexistence of landholders, regional communities and Queensland’s onshore gas industry.