Groundwater monitoring for resource impacts

The extraction of groundwater through resource development operations may lower water levels and impact on water bores in the surrounding area.

To help manage these impacts, groundwater levels are monitored at a large number of sites throughout Queensland. The data is sourced from:

  • resource company monitoring bores
  • Groundwater Net – a network of private bores monitored by landholders
  • Groundwater Online – a network of strategically located bores equipped with loggers and monitored continuously.

Get involved in Groundwater Net monitoring

We facilitate a landholder monitoring network whose volunteers collect and submit data from their own bores. To get involved, email us at

To submit groundwater monitoring records online visit My Groundwater Monitoring.

Benefits of joining Groundwater Net

  • You will receive information and support to monitor the water level/pressure of your own bore(s).
  • Regular monitoring will provide you with good baseline data for assessing groundwater impacts or identifying any bore performance issues.
  • Participate in workshops and discuss monitoring data, groundwater trends and predicted impacts of resource development specific to your local area with other landholders, government and industry.

Accessing groundwater data

The Groundwater Net Digital Report for the Surat Cumulative Management Area summarises groundwater monitoring data collected from the community, government and the resource industry.

Other groundwater data can be accessed by using the Queensland Globe and the Water Monitoring Information Portal.

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