Resources enquiries and complaints

Department of Resources

Do you have an enquiry or complaint about coal, mineral, gas, geothermal or fossicking activity in Queensland? If so, you can reach out to the Resources Community Infoline for assistance.

The Resources Engagement, Assessment and Compliance Hub (REACH) provide the following services:

  • engagement with stakeholders, including landholders and industry, on wide-ranging resource matters
  • audits and inspections relating to land access for resources activity
  • investigations of landholder complaints, including land access activities
  • activities to encourage industry understanding of the regulatory framework and compliance with obligations.

Learn more about our role as a regulator, including our approach to compliance.

You can also provide a compliment or make a complaint about the department.

For further assistance

There are several coexistence institutions who play a role in ensuring that resource activities, agricultural activities and other land uses can sustainably coexist.

Land Access Ombudsman

The Land Access Ombudsman is an independent, impartial body to help landholders and resource companies resolve disputes about alleged breaches of conduct and compensation agreements and make good agreements.

Visit the Land Access Ombudsman.

GasFields Commission

The GasFields Commission is an independent statutory authority established to manage the co-existence of rural landholders, regional communities and the gas industry in Queensland.

The Commission provides information, engages with rural communities, and facilitates connections across the gas and agricultural sectors. It supports best-practice business-to-business relationships in the gas fields and provides the tools for informed decision making for all parties involved.

Visit GasFields Commission Queensland.

Office of Groundwater Impact Assessment

Office of Groundwater Impact Assessment is an independent office responsible for assessing and managing the impacts of groundwater extraction from resource operations (petroleum and gas, and mining) in cumulative management areas.

Learn more about the Office of Groundwater Impact Assessment.