Notification process for mining claims and leases

Notifying a registered native title party

In accordance with the Racial Discrimination Act 1975, miners must notify native title parties about their mining claim, mining lease or access over land applications. To identify native title interests, you can use the spatial layers for native title claims and registered native title body corporates on GeoResGlobe. You can find contact information for native title body corporates at the National Native Title Tribunal.

Landholders are notified whenever a miner applies for a new mining claim, mining lease or access over land. They are also notified when miners apply to renew an existing claim or lease.

The application process gives landholders the opportunity to object to the application and to seek compensation and appropriate access conditions for the use of their land.

Notification of a new application

After the Department of Resources gives the miner their mining claim notice or mining lease notice, the miner must notify the 'affected persons' about the application. Affected persons include the:

  • owner of the land
  • owner of 'access land' (i.e. land that allows them to reach the land on which they have a lease or claim notice)
  • owner of adjoining land (mining leases only)
  • entity that provides infrastructure wholly or partially on the land (mining leases only)
  • relevant local government
  • registered native title claimants or registered native title body corporate.

The miner must provide a copy of the:

  • mining claim or mining lease notice
  • application for the mining claim or lease
  • Small-scale mining code (PDF, 206KB) for mining claims that meet the requirements for small-scale mining activities
  • any other document or information required by the mining claim or mining lease notice.

These documents contain important information about:

  • rights to object to the grant of a mining claim or mining lease
  • the activities the miner wants to do.

The information in these documents will also be relevant for compensation negotiations.

Notification at the renewal stage

The miner must notify landholders within 5 business days of applying to renew their mining claim or mining lease.

They must provide landholders with a copy of the:

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