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Public searches for resource authorities

Search for resource authority applications or grants details on your land and surrounding area by either:

  • using our free public search services
  • or
  • requesting undermining and property searches for a fee.

Read more about undermining and property search services at the bottom of this page.

Search for resource authorities in your area

  • Enter the lot on plan number or select the local government area to find information about resource authority applications and grants
  • or
  • enter the resource authority number to obtain details about the authority.

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Local government authority reports

These reports:

  • are updated every month and show all resource authorities for the area
  • explain the purpose and types of activities allowed for each authority type
  • will be emailed to you as a zip file that may reach up to 12MB in size.

Note: During times of high demand it could take up to 48 hours for the report to come through to your inbox. If you don't receive the report in this time frame, contact the Mines Online helpdesk on +61 7 3199 8133.

Lot on plan searches

These searches will show if any resource authorities have been granted over the land, and if there are any applications pending.

You can find the lot on plan number:

Resource authority public reports

To obtain this report, enter the resource authority type followed by its number (e.g. ML 100055). The report provides details about the resource authority including:

  • holder details
  • contact information
  • lodgement and grant dates
  • area descriptions
  • registered dealings.

View a map of the resource authority

With the resource authority number you can view a map showing the location and boundaries of a resource authority using GeoResGlobe.

From the I want to... drop-down menu, select Search for a permit. Enter the resource authority number obtained from the lot on plan search or local government authority report.

Request undermining

For a fee, you can request that we carry out these searches for you. The forms below include instructions on how to submit a request and information on fees.


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