GeoResGlobe provides an online, interactive experience to view Queensland's mining and exploration data to assist in the administration of permits and assessment of mineral potential in Queensland.

Users of GeoResGlobe can access over 600 spatial data layers that include themes such as exploration, production and historical resource authorities, geological and geophysical data, native title areas, administrative boundaries and more.

Access is free and there is no need to register.

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For information about other ways to access mines spatial data, read our guide to mining and resources maps and spatial data.

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For a quick overview of GeoResGlobe, watch our introductory video.

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  • Access to permit, geoscience and native title spatial data.
  • Links to resource authority reports.
  • Ability to view and query map layers.
  • Intersect operations and reports.
  • Log in to save your work for ongoing use.
  • Access to current and past imagery.
  • Ability to easily save and share maps or take them offline.
  • Options for viewing data in 2D, 3D and 360 modes.
  • Flexible printing formats and options.
  • Ability to import and download data.
  • Create multiple places of interest to explore a range of locations or different data layers.
  • Integration with the GSQ Open Data Portal to download reports and data.
  • Swipe tool for comparing imagery and data layers within 2 view modes (horizontal and vertical).

Using the GeoResGlobe

To explore map layers within GeoResGlobe, you can:

  • search by area of interest
  • view groups of layers by topic
  • show or hide individual layers.

Watch the getting started tutorial and visit the help page for more information on how to use GeoResGlobe.

GeoResGlobe help section

The GeoResGlobe help section provides access to the following:

Tips to improve speed

  • Check your browser and version: use Google Chrome (to improve performance).
  • Zoom in to your area of interest: zoom before adding layers (you will use less data).
  • Limit your layers: turn off or remove unnecessary layers (you will use less data).
  • Works best on late-model desktops or tablets with a screen resolution larger than 650 pixels. (It is not compatible with mobile phones).

Note: Just like other web based programs, functionality may depend on your individual internet accessibility and speed.

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Technical support

For technical support requests, email


Your feedback is encouraged. If you have ideas for new features or additional map layers to assist you, email

Tell us your story and how you use GeoResGlobe so that we can plan and build enhancements to enrich your experience.

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