Petroleum and gas authorities for coal seam gas projects

Every petroleum and gas project in Queensland requires a petroleum resource authority before it can begin any mining or exploration activities. This includes coal seam gas (CSG) projects.

Individuals or corporations must apply for a petroleum resource authority to look for and produce petroleum and gas, including CSG.

They may also require additional authorities to:

Resource authorities in your area

You can find details of resource authority applications or grants on your land and surrounding area by using our public search facility.

Authorised activities and conditions

Each type of resource authority has a range of authorised activities. Resource authority holders must comply with these, as well as with any specific conditions attached to their authority. They must also comply with requirements relating to land access and environmental protection.

As part of their application for a resource authority, applicants need to submit detailed development plans and work programs that must comply with the:

Throughout the life of the resource authority, authority holders are required to lodge statutory notices and reports relating to their exploration and production activities.

Landholder rights

Our guide to land access laws explains the rights of landholders. It includes facts and resources to help landholders learn more about petroleum and gas activities on their land and how to deal with resource authority holders.

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