Electronic Gaming Machine Reallocation Scheme

In Queensland, there is a cap on the total number of gaming machines that can be operated in licensed venues, such as hotels and clubs. As a part of this cap, the Electronic Gaming Machine Reallocation Scheme was introduced to allow the trade of gaming machines (authorities) that became available in the market.


The scheme allows the reallocation of gaming machine operating authorities for hotels that become available within the cap as a result of:

  • a hotel closing
  • a reduction in the number of approved gaming machines
  • the surrender or cancellation of the gaming machine licence.

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The scheme manages 24,705 club-operated gaming machine entitlements. One entitlement represents the club's ability to operate 1 gaming machine.

When the scheme was introduced, all existing clubs in Queensland were provided with a number of entitlements defined by the new legislation. These clubs now have the ability to trade these entitlements with other clubs.

Clubs are able to apply for up to 300 gaming machines at a single premises. In addition, a club with 2 licensed premises may apply for a maximum of 450 gaming machines under its licence, while clubs with 3 or more premises may apply for 500 gaming machines under its licence, as long as there are no more than 300 gaming machines at any 1 premises.

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