Gaming machine operating authorities (hotels)

If you have been granted a gaming machine licence, or approved to increase the number of gaming machines on your premises, you must obtain an 'operating authority' for each gaming machine you are approved to operate.

Because the number of gaming machines in Queensland is capped, operating authorities may only be obtained by participating in an authorised sale conducted by the Public Trustee of Queensland. Sales are conducted by competitive tender in each of the 3 authority regions (South East, Coastal and Western) and authorities are only able to be sold in the region from which they originated.

Sales (tenders) of gaming machine operating authorities

The sale of gaming machine operating authorities is essentially a tender auction, with bids made through the lodgement of a tender bid form given to eligible purchasers at the commencement of the sale.

How to know when the tender is called

Tenders for gaming machine authorities (hotels) have closed. Tender 48 authorities offered (by region) were:

  • Coastal - 32

(There were no operating authorities available in this tender period for the Western and South East regions.)

To obtain a tender bid form or if you have any questions, email

The Public Trustee places an advertisement in The Courier Mail announcing the commencement of a tender. The advertisement states the number of operating authorities available for sale in each region, the closing date and lodgement details.

The Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) then contacts all eligible buyers when the new tender has been advertised. Sellers will also receive forms by registered mail or email that will need to be completed and returned to OLGR before the closing date of the tender.

If you intend to bid for authorities, your tender bid form must be placed in the tender box at the Public Trustee's office no later than that time and date specified on the tender advertisement and paperwork.

The Public Trustee will not accept any bids by email, post or fax. Bids cannot be accepted at any OLGR office.

The tender process

Only 1 tender bid form per eligible premises will be accepted, and you may not bid more than 1 amount per operating authority. If you are licensed to operate gaming machines at more than 1 premises, a separate tender bid form for each eligible premises will be required.

Tender documents must be lodged in the tender box at the office of the Public Trustee of Queensland. Note: OLGR cannot accept any tender documents.

Documents lodged without the lodgement fee (currently $68) or received after the closing time will be declared invalid. If you are lodging bids for more than 1 premises, a lodgement fee will be required for each.

Once the tender has closed, the Public Trustee will allocate each operating authority against valid tenders in order of highest to lowest bid. The Public Trustee will notify successful bidders of their allocation and require payment within 5 working days. Payment for each operating authority will be the amount bid on your tender form, an administration fee of $680 per operating authority, and stamp duty.

For more information about the sale of hotel operating authorities, read the Gaming guideline G06: Authorised sale of hotel operating authorities.

How much to bid for an operating authority

How much you should bid for an operating authority is a matter for you or your accountant to determine.

The Public Trustee will set a minimum acceptable price for each region and any bids below the amount set will not be successful. The minimum acceptable price will not be disclosed.

Staff at OLGR and the Public Trustee's office are unable to assist you with how much to bid. However, details of the average price paid in previous tenders are available in the table below.

Operating authority tender results

The following table has information about recent sales, including average price, of gaming machine operating authorities. For earlier tender results, contact





Closing date of sale



Avg. price



Avg. price



Avg. price

Contribution to CF

Tender 4821/07/20210003232$122,516000$1,176,152
Tender 47 24/03/2021 12 12 $197,937 10 10 $122,250 0 0 0 $1,079,324
Tender 46 25/11/2020 25 25 $178,603 30 30 $105,002 0 0 0 $2,284,542
Tender 45 15/07/2020 0 0 0 14 14 $101,250 33 33 $17,061 $614,933
Tender 44 1/04/2020 0 0 0 0 0 0 22 8 16,500 $39,600
Tender 43 20/11/2019 5 5 $181,000 0 0 0 34 12 $20,000 $343,000
Tender 42 15/08/2019 41 41 $161,293 0 0 0 27 3 $25,000 $2,006,408
Tender 41 3/04/2019 88 88 $169,597 27 27 $57,489 24 8 $28,726 $5,011,968
Tender 40 14/11/2018 15 15 $187,954 24 13 $48,400 26 24 $36,737 $1,433,315

Tender 39












Tender 38 14/03/2018 5 5 $160,085 37 13 $57,523 29 1 $41,001 $476,766

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