Identifying Asian honey bees

Asian honey bees (Apis cerana) can be easily confused with common European honey bees (Apis mellifera), and some other bees and insects. Read this information and use our image gallery below to help with identification.

Asian honey bees are present in North Queensland in the known infested area (PDF, 426KB).

Reporting of suspect Asian honey bee swarms or nests is required if:

  • you are within the known infested area and you are near a seaport or airport
  • or
  • you are outside of the known infested area
  • or
  • you are not sure if you should report or not.

Make a report by uploading a photo to the online reporting form. Alternatively, contact the Customer Service Centre to report a sighting of suspected bees.

Bee identification chart

Click through the images below to view the distinguishing features of Asian honey bees and compare them to other similar insects you may see.