Work health and safety licences in Queensland

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Before you or your business can perform any potentially hazardous work you must hold the appropriate work health and safety licence.

A work health and safety licence (high risk licence) ensures that people and businesses have the appropriate knowledge, skills, competency and safe systems of work to ensure a high level of safety.

A business requires a licence if working in:

  • asbestos removal
  • demolition.

An individual requires a licence if working in:

  • cranes and hoists
  • forklift operation
  • reach stackers
  • rigging and dogging
  • scaffolding
  • pressure equipment
  • construction
  • asbestos assessing
  • high risk work licence assessing.

It is important as a business operator that you and your employees have a correct and current work licence.

This guide discusses the different types of work health and safety licences you may be required by law to hold, how to apply for, and renew them (even if you live in, or your current licence is from, another state), and how you can become an accredited assessor.