Renew a high risk work (HRW) licence

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If your business conducts or deals with high risk work you will need to hold a current high risk work (HRW) licence from Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ).

You can renew your HRW licence online.

When lodging a HRW licence renewal you will need the following details:

  • Queensland drivers licence or Queensland proof of age card if applicable
  • HRW licence card
  • Licence renewal number (find this on your renewal notice or by phoning 1300 362 128).

Note: Australia Post outlets do not process applications to renew HRW licences.

Renew a current interstate HRW licence

Holders of high risk work licences issued interstate who move to Queensland can renew their licence in Queensland.

A HRW licence is valid to be renewed in Queensland if it:

  • is photographic
  • is issued in an Australian state or territory
  • expires within 3 months of the date of application for renewal.

Note: If your licence is issued interstate and is non-photographic it may not be eligible to be renewed in Queensland. Phone WHSQ on 1300 362 128 before lodging an application.

You can apply to renew your interstate issued high risk work (HRW) licence online.

To apply you will need the following information:

  • your interstate HRW licence (i.e. licence number, issue and expiry date)
  • details of your QGov/Google/Microsoft account - if you do not have one of these accounts you can register for a QGov account during the application process
  • a valid email address
  • customer reference number (CRN) from one of the following Queensland Transport and Main Roads (TMR) issued licence cards:
    • Queensland issued drivers licence
    • adult proof of age card (18+ card)
    • marine licence indicator card
    • industry authority card
    • HRW product number provided by TMR for a previous HRW application.

You can still lodge your application if you do not have a relevant TMR CRN. Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ) will contact you to provide information about how to obtain a TMR CRN.

Note: Digital photographs and signatures held by TMR (that meet a certain criteria) are used for the purposes of printing a HRW licence. You may be required to visit a TMR counter to create a TMR account or provide a new photograph and signature.

Payment can be made by:

  • credit card
  • BPAY (biller code and reference number will be provided at the end of the application process).

Note: application fees are non-refundable.

Change your contact details

You can change your HRW licence details online or by phoning 1300 362 128.

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