Managing hazardous chemicals in the workplace

Hazardous chemicals are substances that can harm people, property and the environment. They include many common industrial, commercial, pharmaceutical, agricultural and domestic chemicals.

Hazardous chemicals must be treated as a risk in the workplace. This includes storing, handling and managing them correctly to avoid harm to workers, members of the public, property and the environment. You should:

  • identify the hazardous chemicals in your workplace
  • develop a risk management plan
  • keep up to date with work health and safety codes of practice and legislation.

It's very important to put a risk management plan in place whenever employees or employers are required to use, handle or store hazardous chemicals in the workplace. This will help you meet your obligations under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011.

This guide will help you to identify hazardous chemicals, assess and control their risks in the workplace, and safely store and transport them.