Prevent emergencies caused by hazardous chemicals

If you have an emergency or incident, call 000 or the poisons information hotline on 13 11 26.

Emergencies and incidents

Find out what to do in an emergency and check if you need to report an incident.

Preventing emergencies

Preventing emergencies at your workplace caused by hazardous chemicals requires you to first control the associated risks.

You should also have an emergency plan in place, as not all emergencies can be predicted or prevented. An emergency plan will help you minimise the effects of an emergency by dealing with it quickly and strategically.

Develop an emergency plan

Knowing what to do in an emergency is an important aspect of any risk management plan. If your workplace has any hazardous chemicals, an emergency plan is vital - especially if it contains flammable chemicals and/or gas.

Developing an emergency plan includes preparing an incident response plan, developing evacuation plans/routes and testing your plan (e.g. with fire drills).

Find out more about emergency planning for hazardous chemicals.

Storage and transport

Remember that you should also include information about any storage or transport requirements for hazardous chemicals in your emergency plan.

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