Historical flood mapping

Looking for current flood events?

For current flood events, check the Bureau of Meteorology website or the relevant local government disaster hub.

Find flood risk information

Most local councils provide flood risk and zoning information online, often in reports or interactive maps. Check to see if your local council is included here.

My council doesn't have flood information online

If your local council doesn't have flood information online, you can use Floodcheck. View the rapid hazard assessment overlay to see flood data, including:

  • view historic major floodlines (1893, 1974, 2010 and 2011)
  • the likely extent of floodplains (areas adjacent to rivers that can experience flooding)
  • technical reports and flood studies, including the broadscale Queensland floodplain assessment overlay (QFAO).

FloodCheck may not include all current flood-related information and data. Read the terms and conditions before using FloodCheck.

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