Access free online maps, services and data, including digital data products.


Historical flood mapping

Access the FloodCheck map and other flood mapping information to help in planning and emergency response.

QTopo - online topographic maps

Learn how to access and use topographic maps of Queensland. Our maps provide measurements of distance, direction, area and quantity.

Mining and resources maps and spatial data

Find out how to access geological maps and tenure maps of Queensland.

Administrative maps

Access maps and data for government administrative boundary requirements including electoral districts and local government areas.

Strategic cropping land maps

Find out about the strategic cropping land trigger map, how to obtain maps and request amendments.

Property boundary and sales data - SmartMaps

Access current information about Queensland property boundaries, valuations and sales data, and survey information.

Queensland planning system interactive maps

Access a range of mapping products and spatial mapping data.

Electricity generation map

View maps and data to assist development of renewable energy initiatives.

Wind, solar and energy infrastructure maps

Use the Australian Renewable Energy Mapping Infrastructure website to obtain wind, solar and energy infrastructure maps and data.

Museum of Lands, Mapping and Surveying

Access historical maps, plans and land administration or take virtual tours or browse museum collections.

Free online maps

View, download and share a variety of interactive maps of Queensland using our online mapping tools.

Glossary of mapping and surveying terms

A useful list of defined mapping and surveying terms, acronyms and abbreviations to help you better understand maps.