Free online maps

Queensland Government provides its mapping via interactive online maps for free, replacing printed maps. The benefits of interactive maps are the ability to access the most current information and select the content you want to display, and to configure the map to your specific area of interest.

Interactive online maps

Most Queensland Government data is now available as interactive online maps. Create your own maps to view on screen or download, print and share.

  • Queensland Globe – view, customise and download maps, data and imagery
  • QTopo – view and download Queensland topographic maps
  • GeoResGlobe – view, customise and download mining and resource maps and data
  • Queensland place names search – find details of Queensland's official and some unofficial place names

Information contained within the interactive maps is available under a Creative Commons licence. This means it can be used freely as long as the following conditions are met:

  • The departmental copyright notice must remain on the map.
  • Acknowledgement must accompany the map
    © The State of Queensland (Department of Resources) [year of publication]

Read more about copyright and Creative Commons.

Featured maps

Iconic maps are still provided as published maps:

Current map series

Historical map series

View and download pre-digital historical map images of Queensland dating back to 1841 through the Open Data Portal. They can also be accessed via the Queensland Globe. Refer to the instructions on how to access historical maps (PDF, 682KB).

Maps older than 50 years are in the public domain (that is, copyright does not apply).

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