Applying the local benefits test

When you prepare a tender response for Queensland Government work, it's important to include the benefits your business will bring to the local area.

Queensland Government buyers may consider these benefits in their decision-making process by using the local benefits test.

Read more about the local benefits test in the Queensland Procurement Policy.

About the local benefits test

A local benefits test is used to evaluate the benefits your business would bring to the local area if awarded work for the Queensland Government. The test can be weighted at up to 30% in the procurement process.

Learn more about the Local benefits test.

Types of local benefits

Some benefits you may be able to include are:

  • increasing local employment opportunities
  • increasing socioeconomic development within your regions (including employment and training)
  • supporting social objectives.

Before applying for a tender, be sure to check your tender documents as requirements will vary.

Local jobs

Identify how many local jobs you can support with the procurement activity. You should take into account the following:

  • where people live and work
  • permanency of employment
  • certainty of hours, including
    • fair wages and conditions
    • superannuation and workers compensation
    • genuine respect for the rights of workers to collectively bargain.

Local supply chain opportunities

Identify which local businesses, contractors, manufacturers and supply chains you will use for the supply of goods and/or services.

Apprentice and trainee opportunities

Include how many locals you currently employ in apprenticeships and traineeships.

Case-by-case benefits

Include if you support, for example:

  • local Aboriginal jobs and Torres Strait Islander jobs
  • use of local Aboriginal businesses and Torres Strait Islander businesses.

If you need further information about the local benefits test, contact the tender contact officer from the tender request.

Local benefits test thresholds list

Under the Queensland Government's procurement policy, the local benefits test is applied to all significant procurement activities.

To help you plan your tender response, and to plan for future Queensland Government work, check the local benefits test threshold list to see when an agency will apply the local benefits test.

Tender contacts

For more information about how the local benefits test will be applied, contact the tender contact officer from the tender request.

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