About supplying to Queensland Government

The Queensland Government spends billions of dollars each year on goods and services, including construction.

To supply to us, you may need to meet certain criteria.

All suppliers must meet the Ethical Supplier Threshold.

Depending on your industry, you may also need certain qualifications, permits and insurance. Certain tenders require a minimum level of experience.

Government contracts are usually advertised through a tendering process—where the specifics of the goods or services are advertised and businesses are invited to submit applications.

Special requirements for supplying

Some categories have special requirements or methods for supplying to us.

These include:

Queensland Government payments to small businesses

If your small business supplies goods or services to the Queensland Government, our On-time Payment Policy (formerly the Late Payment Policy) will benefit you.

From 1 July 2020, we reduced payment time frames for small business suppliers from 30 calendar days to 20 calendar days for eligible invoices of any value.

For eligible invoices, the Queensland Government will pay penalty interest to small business suppliers for all bills on contracts of any value paid after 20 calendar days. This only applies to correctly rendered undisputed invoices.

Register your details on the On-time payment small business register so that your small business can be paid within 20 calendar days.

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