Ethical Supplier Threshold for suppliers

The Ethical Supplier Threshold outlines the wage and entitlement standards expected of suppliers who wish to do business with the Queensland Government. Meeting the Threshold is a precondition for supply.

Read the Guidelines: Ethical Supplier Threshold (PDF, 819KB).

We developed the Threshold to strengthen the Buy Queensland procurement approach as part of our response to the A fair day's pay for a fair day's work?: Exposing the true cost of wage theft in Queensland.

The Threshold requirements are set out in the section 2.3 of the Queensland Procurement Policy.

When the Threshold applies

From 1 August 2019, the Ethical Supplier Threshold applies to all suppliers across all categories who supply to Queensland Government, including:

  • budget sector agencies
  • government-owned corporations
  • statutory bodies
  • special purpose vehicles.

An example of how it works

A procuring agency calls for tenders.

The invitation to offer requires tenderers to confirm that they meet the Ethical Supplier Threshold, including paying employees' wages that are not below the applicable modern award.

The procuring agency discovers that a supplier pays their employees with pay rates below the applicable modern award.

The agency finds the supplier's offer to be non-conforming and excludes them from the tender process.

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