Meeting ethical supplier requirements

The Buy Queensland approach has been strengthened with the introduction of an Ethical Supplier Mandate.

You will start to see new ethical supplier requirements in tender documents.

We have developed a checklist and resources to help you in your next tender.

Consider these questions when demonstrating how your organisation's work meets ethical supplier requirements:

  • Does your business meet the Ethical Supplier Threshold?
  • Are you an ethical supplier who honours commitments made in your tender and contract?
  • Do you comply with all policies and laws?

Completing your tender

Make sure your response demonstrates you meet the Ethical Supplier Threshold.

You will be required to make certain commitments in your tender and ultimate contract should you be successful. These commitments can relate to:

  • workplace health and safety
  • industrial relations
  • training and apprenticeships
  • local employment
  • Indigenous employment or business engagement
  • small business engagement
  • other requirements.

Breaches of these tender and contract commitments could be a breach of the Ethical Supplier Mandate.

We may request evidence. We may also verify the information you provide with relevant regulatory bodies. You may see clauses in contracts related to information access and sharing.

If you disagree with our decision

If we suspect there has been unethical behaviour, we give you the opportunity to respond to all allegations and actions at multiple points in the process before a final decision.

A recommendation on penalties will be made to the procuring agency by the independent Procurement Advisory Panel. An appeals process is also available if you feel unjustly penalised.

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