Meeting tender requirements related to supplying ethically

When procuring goods and services as part of the Buy Queensland 2023 approach to government procurement, the Queensland Government prioritises businesses that deliver, or contribute to delivering, long-term economic, ethical, social and environmental value for current and future generations of Queenslanders. For example, these include businesses that:

  • comply with the Queensland Government Supplier Code of Conduct 2023
  • comply with the Ethical Supplier Threshold, including paying fair wages to employees with disability (using the Supported Wage System where appropriate)
  • address ethical risks such as modern slavery in their supply chains, including when procuring textiles, clothing and footwear products, and food and beverages sourced from animals
  • avoid purchasing ‘dumped goods’ (imported goods sold cheaper than the price charged in the country of manufacture, or below the cost of manufacturing the goods)
  • contribute to ending domestic and family violence
  • provide pathways to mainstream employment for disadvantaged Queenslanders
  • contribute to achieving net zero emissions by 2050.

When preparing for government procurement opportunities, be ready to respond and provide supporting information to demonstrate how your business meets any of the above requirements, as requested in the quote or tender.

When you complete a response to a quote or tender:

  • make sure you include what you're already doing or what you can commit to
  • if you choose to commit to an initiative, outline these plans in your tender response
  • have evidence (e.g. policies, processes, procedures, plans, systems, references, certificates of compliance etc.) of your current or planned contribution, as we may request it.