Where to search for government tenders

Each year, federal, state and local governments make thousands of tender requests to the private sector for the supply of goods and services. But there is no single marketplace where your business can access government tendering opportunities. Instead, different government agencies advertise tenders through their own websites, essentially operating as separate marketplaces.

The following are some of the main websites you can use to find information about government tenders.

Queensland Government tenders

The Queensland Government advertises tender opportunities on the QTenders website. Register on this website to receive personalised email alerts for government tenders that are relevant to your business, as they are published.

Opportunities also exist to compete for Queensland Government works within the Building, construction and maintenance services category. If you are interested, you will need to register your details with QBuild. Building, construction and maintenance tender opportunities are published on the QBuild eTender website.

The Queensland Government Arrangements Directory is an online service that provides information on procurement arrangements across the Queensland Government.

Local government tenders

  • Brisbane City Council advertises tenders on its tender opportunities website.
  • Other local councils advertise tenders through the LG tender box website.

Australian government tenders

The federal government publishes all business opportunities, annual procurement plans, multi-use lists and contracts on its centralised AusTender website.

Other state and territory government tenders

It may also be worth considering tender opportunities advertised by other state and territory agencies:

Commercial tender websites

Several commercial websites can research and identify relevant government tender opportunities for your business, removing the need for you to do tender searching. Some also provide dedicated consultancy support, access to templates and checklists to support tender development. These can normally be accessed by paying a fee for service.

Commonly used commercial tendering websites include:

Note: The above is not a definitive list and there may be other commercial tendering websites you can use. Look for these online using your preferred search engine.


Attending industry events, trade shows, exhibitions, seminars and conferences is a good way to find out about emerging tenders and a great opportunity to network with relevant government officials. Networking with people in your industry sector and from other sectors can give you a different perspective on the market and potential opportunities. Listen to what others have to say and use this information to your advantage.

You can take this a step further by volunteering to speak at events. This will raise the profile of your business and make it easier to start engaging with public sector officials and potential buyers attending the event.

ICN Queensland helps businesses looking for work opportunities within major projects contract opportunities as well as hosts networking events between supplier and buyers.

Your business or industry association website may also promote tender opportunities.

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