Supplier environmental targets and commitments

When procuring goods and services, the Queensland Government prioritises the positive impact a company is having on the environment, as well as the product or service they provide.

Therefore, you may need to meet environmental requirements in your tender.

Consider these questions when demonstrating how your company's work is good for the environment:

Does your business:

  • recycle?
  • reduce waste?
  • reduce plastic use?
  • reduce hazardous and toxic substances use, and ensure their correct disposal?
  • reduce the use of energy, water or other resources, for example

When you complete your tender:

  • Make sure you include what you're already doing or what you can commit to.
  • If you choose to commit to an initiative, outline these plans in your tender response.
  • Have evidence of your current or planned contribution, as we may request it.

Watch our video for more information:

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