Accepted development – without requirements

This type of development does not require an application under state planning laws, but you may need an authority to take or interfere with water.

Watercourse water

Works to take watercourse water where there are no requirements may include:

  • like-for-like replacement of pumps – this causes minimal additional disturbance because much of the required infrastructure, such as pipes and concrete stands, is already in place
  • installation of new pumps where the water entitlement is managed under a resource operations licence or interim resource operations licence – these are usually clearly specified with conditions such as a rate of take or daily/weekly/monthly water extraction limit
  • infrastructure associated with taking water for certain low-risk activities under the Water Act 2000.

Underground water

Works to take underground water where there are no requirements may include:

  • replacement bores within 10 metres of the original bore
  • monitoring bores
  • water bores for determining the sustainable extraction rate of water for an aquifer
  • water bores for taking underground water for stock and domestic purposes
  • water bores for taking subartesian water for a purpose other than stock and domestic use, that are not constructed within a setback distance defined in the Water Regulation 2016.

Who to contact

For more information about works that are accepted development, contact your local business centre for the Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water.

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