Accepted development - with requirements

These works do not require a development application. You do not need anything in writing before starting the activity, provided you have carried out a self-assessment to make sure you comply with the relevant code.

Notification requirements

The owner of land on which the works are constructed must notify us within 60 business days of completing the works. Details of requirements are in the codes.

Self-assessable codes

Overland flow

The following codes apply to operational works to take overland flow that are identified as self-assessable development in the Water Regulation.

Stock and domestic purposes

Use this code to determine the maximum volume of water you should take based on your number of stock and domestic need:

Limited capacity works

In certain water plan areas, building works with a limited capacity for taking overland flow water for any purpose can be self-assessable development. This code relates to accepted works, including storages, sumps, drains, embankments and channels:

Overland flow storage with a greater capacity than outlined in the Water Regulation 2016 is assessable development and requires a development permit.

Carrying out an environmentally relevant activity

Use this code if the works are undertaken to satisfy the requirements of an environmental authority or a development permit for carrying out an environmentally relevant activity:

Underground water – subartesian bores

Use the following codes where bores are used for stock or domestic water supply, or for replacement bores:

Levee banks

Works related to Category 1 levees are considered acceptable development. For more information about their assessment, read about constructing and modifying levee banks.

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