Water information for resources applications

When applying for a water licence or environmental authority (EA), you will need to provide a range of hydrological and other information. You may find the following information sources helpful.

You can find general guidance on the information required for environmental assessments and associated water licence applications in the Independent Expert Scientific Committee's Information guidelines for preparing coal seam gas and large coal mining development proposals.

Water plans

The water plans for your area will provide information on the management of water in the area, including available water, licensing criteria and dealing/trading rules.

Underground water information

Underground water management areas

The water plans for your area will provide information on underground water management areas. Additional declared underground water management areas are listed in the Water Regulation 2016 Schedule 17.

Bores and geological information

You can find information on surrounding water bores and other geological information in Queensland Globe.

Baseline assessments

You may need to undertake localised baseline measurement and assessment on water levels and aquifer hydraulic characteristics through monitoring and investigation bores and aquifer testing.

You may also need to undertake baseline assessment of other water bores that may potentially be impacted by the project.

The following tools and documents may be helpful to help you compile relevant information. Follow the links to access:

Accessing land to collect data

If you have an existing resource authority over the land, you may be able to access the land under the land access rules that apply to these authorities.

If you don't have an existing authority, you'll need to negotiate with the owner and/or occupier of the property.

Water monitoring and information gathering authorities

You can apply for a water monitoring authority over land outside the area of your mining lease or mineral development licence to comply with your obligations.

There are also information gathering authorities available for petroleum and gas activities.