Resources enquiries and complaints

To make a complaint or submit an enquiry about mineral and energy resources activity in Queensland, use our online form below or contact the Resource community infoline.

Make a resources complaint or enquiry

The Queensland Government has a comprehensive regulatory framework for the mineral and energy resources industry.

The Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy (DNRME) offers an integrated and coordinated approach to resource community engagement and compliance. This is part of the Queensland Government's overall strategy for the responsible management of the resources industry in Queensland.

Staff are located in offices across regional Queensland including Toowoomba, Dalby, Roma, Quilpie, Emerald, Winton, Rockhampton, Mount Isa, Charters Towers and Mareeba.

Services include:

  • engagement with stakeholders, including landholders and industry, on wide-ranging resource matters including groundwater
  • audits and inspections relating to land access for resources activity
  • investigations of landholder complaints, including bore investigations
  • groundwater monitoring
  • activities to encourage industry understanding of the regulatory framework and compliance with obligations.

Questions, concerns or complaints regarding resource exploration or development can be directed to the Resource community infoline.

Water bore investigation process

When your complaint relates to the impact of a resource operation on an existing water bore, our investigators will follow the process below.

TimelineStep What we will do
Within 10 days of receiving your complaint Desktop investigation and risk assessment We will compile existing information and records. This includes checking resource company records and other activities in the surrounding area
Within 20 days of receiving your complaint Field investigation (if required) We will contact the bore owner to arrange an inspection. We may take a water sample and collect information on the bore's condition, water level, depth, water quality and performance
Within 20 days of final site inspection (however, detailed results may take up to 2 months to be finalised) Data analysis and investigation report The investigator will analyse data obtained from the field investigation and compile a report. We will send a copy to the bore owner and provide them with an opportunity to discuss findings with the investigating officer


General enquiries 13 QGOV (13 74 68)