Benefits of investing in Queensland mining and resources

Queensland is recognised globally as a leading destination for mining and resources investment and as Australia's gateway to Asian markets.

Queensland's diverse geology and massive resource potential place it second in the world for seaborne coal exports (with exports to 36 countries in 2014–15), second for lead production, third for zinc and bauxite, and fifth in the world for silver production. By the end of this decade, Queensland will be the world's leading liquefied natural gas (LNG) exporter.

We are funding exploration for new discoveries, investing in new infrastructure to support mining ventures in our regions and making doing business easier in Queensland to drive future growth and jobs.

Queensland's resource potential

Queensland is a highly prospective exploration and operational destination, endowed with diverse reserves of coal, minerals, and petroleum and coal seam gas.

Queensland has a number of high-potential mineral and energy resources that are yet to be fully explored or reach production, such as rare earths and strategic metals.

The Queensland Government continues to fund on-going geophysical surveys in greenfield areas to enhance exploration opportunities and position Queensland as a preferred region for mining globally.

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Benefits of doing business in Queensland

Queensland offers a range of business advantages, including the most competitive payroll tax regime in Australia, a solid legal framework and full protection of intellectual property and patents. We have a highly skilled workforce in strong, diverse industries and offer an idyllic lifestyle.

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Modern transport infrastructure

Queensland has modern rail, port and pipeline infrastructure to support mining, energy and petroleum industries and exports to international markets, with programs in place to expand infrastructure capacity to meet increasing demand.

View a map of Queensland's resources infrastructure (PDF, 472KB).

Support for resources investors

Queensland actively encourages and welcomes foreign investment in the state's exploration, mining and petroleum industries.

Both the Australian and Queensland governments provide investment assistance to help you invest and set up your business in Queensland.

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