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Metalliferous and industrial minerals

Production and sales statistics

You can download mineral production and sales statistics compiled from yearly returns submitted by industry. To request historical information, email

Applying for a resource authority

To explore for minerals, you need an exploration permit for minerals. You can apply by making a direct application or through a call for tenders.

Exploration and investment resources

For more information on exploring and investing in Queensland, see the following resources.

Queensland's resources industries

Investment information

Tenure information

Maps, data and publications

  • GeoResGlobe, our online GIS service, has tenure, geoscience and resource information.
  • QDEX Data lets you download large spatial data sets.
  • QDEX Reports has geological maps and reports to download free of charge.
  • Geological Survey of Queensland sells a range of maps, data and publications.
  • QSpatial allows you to view and download geospatial data and information.

Exploration reports

Holders of resource authorities are required to submit a range of statutory reports on their activities. After a period of confidentiality, these reports and data are made publicly available through QDEX Reports.

Contact us

Contact the Geological Survey of Queensland for geoscience, exploration and investment information.