Geological Survey of Queensland

The Geological Survey of Queensland (GSQ) is the state's custodian of geoscience knowledge and data.

GSQ collects and provides geoscience data, information and advice about Queensland's mineral and energy resources and resource potential. GSQ does this through a range of geoscience projects and initiatives, including mandatory industry reporting.

This information assists industry to sustainably access Queensland's minerals and energy resources.

GSQ also plays a key role in attracting investment to Queensland's resources sector by:

  • improving global understanding of the state's prospectivity and resource potential
  • supporting innovative exploration through the provision of grants and the Collaborative Exploration Initiative
  • leading the global transition to a data-driven exploration ecosystem
  • informing resource planning and economically beneficial development policy initiatives.

In 2018 GSQ celebrated its 150th birthday. The state's first geologists, Richard Daintree and Christopher Aplin, were appointed in April 1868.

This celebration recognised GSQ's important role in identifying the rich mineral and energy deposits that have long provided benefit to Queensland. We also looked back on the many discoveries and early adventures of the state’s geological pioneers.

Explore Queensland's geoscience information services

We make mineral and energy geoscience data and information available to industry, government and the public through our publications, maps and digital data products.

The Exploration Data Centre (EDC) at Brisbane and the John Campbell Miles Drill Core Storage Facility at Mount Isa house geoscience data and information dating back to the mid-1800s. The collections include drill core and cuttings from current and past exploration programs, and samples from GSQ mapping fieldwork.

Online services

Online access is available for many of our products, through GeoResGlobe, the GSQ Open Data Portal, the GSQ Lodgement Portal and QSpatial.

Resource planning

GSQ supports the development of resource planning policy for Queensland resources to ensure that access for exploration and development is preserved to the greatest possible extent.

We provide resource information and planning advice to local governments, state agencies, industry, the community, and consultants to support land use planning at all scales as well as site-specific development decisions.

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