Geological Survey of Queensland

The Geological Survey of Queensland (GSQ) plays a key role in improving understanding of Queensland’s resource potential and attracting exploration and investment in the resources sector. This guide describes our aims and activities.

Exploration attraction

GSQ creates and distributes exploration and resource investment information and presents at national and international events. We also raise awareness of Queensland's prospectivity through new geoscientific information and manage industry exploration grants through the Future Resources program.

Mineral and energy geoscience

GSQ collects and provides geoscience data, information and advice on Queensland’s mineral resources and resource potential through a range of geoscience projects and initiatives.

We support the state’s energy industry by collecting and providing geoscience data and advice on coal, coal seam gas, petroleum, including unconventional petroleum, oil shale and geothermal energy.

Geoscience products and services

We make mineral and energy geoscience data and information available to industry and government through our publications, maps and digital data products.

The Exploration Data Centre (EDC) at Brisbane and the John Campbell Miles Drill Core Storage Facility at Mount Isa house geoscience data and information dating back to the mid-1800s. The collections include drill core and cuttings from the Department of Natural Resources and Mines (DNRM) and company exploration programs, and samples from GSQ mapping fieldwork. The EDC also provides HyLoggerTM scanning services.

Online services

Online access is available for many of our products, through MinesOnlineMaps, QDEX Reports, QDEX Data and QSpatial.

Resource planning

GSQ supports the development of resource planning policy for Queensland resources to ensure that access for exploration and development is preserved to the greatest possible extent.

We provide resource information and planning advice to local governments, state agencies, industry, the community, and consultants to support land use planning at all scales as well as site-specific development decisions.

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